Bacterial and fungal contaminations and infections do severely interfere with our everyday life. Bacteria and fungi are the cause of serious infectious diseases and allergic reactions in humans. Especially fungi cause extensive damage to agricultural crops and are responsible for the deterioration of building materials and cultural assets.

The number and activity of currently approved antifungal drugs is, however, limited. They frequently do show severe side effects on man and environment and interact unfavorably with other medications. In addition, more and more fungi as well as a number of pathogenic bacteria, become resistant to the currently used drugs. Hence, new antibacterial and antifungal strategies are urgently needed for health care, crop protection and other applications.

HTX has developed high-throughput technologies to discover and develop compounds having an exclusive antibacterial and/or antifungal activity without causing detrimental effects on man and environment. Our vision is to open up new resources for biologically based and sustainable antibacterial and antifungal compounds, which can be used in our everyday life.


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